omotech, v.t.(er a rengul): please; make content; satisfy; appease.
omotech a melamet; oldeu, motech a rengrir a rebuik; beruadel a omotech a reng, mtechii a rengul a demal. a omotech; odeu a reng; metechii a rengul a delal me a demal; motech a rengrir, utechel a reng.
betachel a to be pleased/satisfied/appeased; content.
betechallv.a.s.betechall a kirel el obotech, omotech er a rengul a ngalek, motech a reng, oldeu a rengrir a rechad, betechel a reng.
blotechv.r.s.blotech a uldeu a rengul, mla obotech a rengul, dmeu, chad el beruadel a meduch el omotech a reng, uetechel a reng.
blotech a rengulexpr.pleased; satisfied; appeased.
ulul, n.poss.3schest (of human being).
ulul a klekedall er a chad; ulul a bebul a diil e eou er a cheiukl
chiuesel a ululexpr.breastbone.
mengesbreber a ululexpr.have tight feeling in chest.
mesengul a of chest; sternum.
omor er a ululexpr.(baby) crawl or creep on ground, etc.; lie face down.
omotech er a ululexpr.make content; satisfy; appease.
More Examples:
> The spear hit the turtle in the chest.

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