omrotech, v.i.clap (hands); slap (face; body; mosquito; etc.).
omrotech a okesebakl a chimal; omrotech er a deurreng, oldanges; mrotech a chimal, domrotech! bertechii! bertechel
/mertechii a omrotech er ngii; brotech; bertechel. a omrotech; brotech; mertechii a sechelil; mrotech a chimal, bertechel.
berrotechv.r.s.(hands) clapped; (face, body, etc.) slapped.
berrotech a mla obrotech; mrotech a chimal, mertechii, omrotech, bertechel.
v.a.s.(hands) are to be clapped; is to be slapped; deaf (i.e., has to be tapped on the back to get attention).
bertachel a kirel el obrotech; mertechii, mrotech, mechad a bertachel.
bretechall a kirel el obrotech; mertechii a ulkel, mrotech a chimal, omrotech.
ombibrotechv.t.redup.clap lightly but continuously.
ombibrotech a kokil el omrotech, mertechii; bertechel a sechelil
See also:
> I also will clap my hands, and my anger will be over.
More Examples:
> Touch your head.

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