omuchel, v.t.start; begin; cause; form; establish.
omuchel a oltaut; muchel a urreor, mechelii a uldikel; omuchel a klakoad, uchelel. a omuchel er ngii; chetelaol a mla mechelii a klakoad, uchelel. a omuchel; rengelbechull a mla otaut a urreor el kirir a rechad.
v.r.s.started; begun.
uluchel a ultaut; mla meuchel, omuchel; mechelii a urreoer, muchel a omesuub; uchelel a cheldecheduch, ulemuchel er ngii
meuchelv.erg.meuchel a uluchel; mechelii a urreor; mla meuchel a urrereel a rael; uchelel.
milcheliangv.t.inch.past (just) beginning.
omechelang a kot el mo meruul; mocha omuchel;uchelel a urreor, mechelii, muchel.
omechelungv.t.pred.omechelung a mochu omuchel.
omuchelv.i. start; begin; originate; (water, etc.) have source. to be started or begun.
uchelall a kirel el meuchel; otutall; urreor a uchelall, mechelii a omelaml; muchel, uchelel.
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> I'm going to begin digging the hole tomorrow.
> The meeting will begin at seven o'clock.
> It tends to start to rain/be rainy in August.
> It has started to rain/be rainy.
> People tend to start arriving at one o'clock.
More Examples:
> What time does the market open?
> When Lukes went, they had already started eating so she pouted and went home.
> Ulang is so fiesty, she's back at it arguing again.

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