omuked, v.t.catch (fish) by casting net; (antenna, etc.) receive (broadcast, etc.).
omuked a omdechem; melai el ousbech a uked, muked a ngikel, omuked a rekas, mkedii a ngalek, ukedel. a omuked er ngii; mkedii a ngikel; ukedel a meas. a omuked; oba uked el melai; muked a meas me a mekebud, ukedel.
meukedv.erg.meuked a mla mechesimer er a uked; uluked, muked a meas, mkedii, ukedel a mekebud.
v.a.s.(fish) is to be caught by casting net.
ukedall a kirel el meuked; muked a delebechel el meas; mekebud a ukedall; ukedel.
ulukedv.r.s.(fish) caught by casting net.
uluked a mla meuked; mekebud a uluked er a chelii.
omuked a medalexpr.eyes feel obstructed (from sticky secretion due to infection, etc.).
redil el omuked
expr.a nosy woman (always showing too much curiosity about other people's affairs).
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