omul, v.t.regulate; restrict; place restrictions on.
omul a merrob a ngeiul; mla ruebet a bul er a belochel; blul er a ngeiul a uel. a omul; merrob, llach a mla mul a uel el mo diak le ngeiuul; merrob a ngeiul a uel; bul er a uel, blul
bekebulv.s.tending to place many restrictions on things.
bekebul a soal el omul; mul a belochel; omul a uel, buuch. to be regulated or restricted.
blulv.r.s.regulated; restricted.
blul a ngar ngii a bul, blul a er a uel a llach el diak le ngeiul a uel, blul a belochel el diak le beakl.
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> It smells just like a flower.

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