mengam, v.t.break (long object) in two; fracture.
mengam a chomur; chuam a kerrekar; chomur el mo erung; chemul a bambuu.
/omur a mengam er ngii; meritech.
omur a mengam er ngii, omur a oluches, chemul a oluches. a mengam; chuam a kerrekar.
chachamv.recip.break (each other's limbs).
chacham a di du el mengam, chomur, chuam, chacham a sengsongd, chemul a sengsongd,
v.r.s.broken in two.
chelam a chelemuul; mla mecham; chomur, chuam a rachel, mengam, ochil a chelam, chemul a uach.
chelemuul a mla mecham; chelam a ochil.
chemuulv.a.s.about to be broken in two.
chemuul a kirel el mecham; kerrekar a chemuul; chomur, chuam a sengsongd, chemul.
mechamv.erg.mecham a chelam; chomur a rachel, chuam a bambuu, mengam, chemul.
chelam a rengulexpr.heartbroken.
mengam a ochil a katuuexpr.solidify a relationship (esp. by having sexual intercourse).
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> He fell out of the tree and broke his leg.
More Examples:
> He or she fell out of the tree and broke his or her leg.
> How did you sprain it?
omur, v.t.boil before cooking; pre-cook; parboil; clean (food - especially, clams) by rinsing in hot water before actual cooking.
omur a teleu a rekel; omur a kim, breel a kim. a omur; melengoes el diak bo le lmarek, mur a kim, breel.
blurv.r.s.boiled before cooking; precooked; parboiled; (food which justs) needs to be reheated (before eating).
blur a mla obur; teleu a sengosel, blur el kim, mreii, mur, omur a kim, breel.
breelv.a.s.breel a bur, omur, breel a kim.
oburv.erg.obur a blur; mreii, mur a kim; melengoes el teleu a rekel; diak le mark; bereel a kim.
> It's like the feast of Ngchesar, postoned till tomarrow, then the next, and forever.
You keep sayng tomorrow, tomorrow. You're lucky there's a tomorrow. Presumably, in the past the village of Ngchesar in central Palau tried and tried again to schedule a mur, the largest, villagewide feast conducted in Palau. But for various reasons the feast was forever postponed. The saying applies to the risk of procrastination.
More Examples:
> John was facing towards his wife during the ceremony.
> The people who came to the feast are now all gone.
> I'm not really sure when the feast going to take place.

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