olenganged, v.caus.seduce; titillate; cause someone to become infatuated; lower by sliding.
olenganged a ongengedii; rullii el mo soal ngii; ongengedel; olenganged a ngar er a bab el me er a eou; ongengedii; onganged, ongengedel.
ongengediiv.pf.3songengedii a olenganged er ngii; rullii el mo soal; ngmanged, ungil el dil a mla ongengedii a sechelik, ongengedel; ongengedii a olenganget el mei er eou, ongengedii er a buuch, ngmanged, ngengedel.
ongangedv.pf.3p.inan.onganged a oltengel er eou; olenganged a kerrekar;ongengedii er a lius; ngmanged.
ngengedeln.poss.3sthe act of seduction or titillation.
ongengedeln.poss.3sthe action or method of seduction or titillation.
ongengedel a nganged er ngii; ngmanged.
kaiuengangedv.recip.kaiuenganged a didu el olenganged; kaiuengamech; kaiuengibes; ngmanged er a ungil el dil; mo soal; ongengedii, ongengedel; kaiuenganged a kakerous el olenganged; oldubech ek mo bedul eou; kaiuenganged a kerrekar; ongengedel.
mongangedv.erg.monganged a mo soal; ulenganged er a nglikel a klebokel el meloik; ngmanged er a ungil dil; ngengedel; monganged a ngmanged; olenganged el mei er eou; ongengedii el metengel, onganged a kerreker er a ngesachel; ongengedel.
ongengedallv.a.s.is to be lowered by sliding.
ongengedall a kirel el monganged el mei er eou; ongengedii, olenganged, ongengedel a kerrekar.
ulengangedv.r.s.seduced; titillated; lowered by sliding.
ulenganged a mla monganged; ultorech el me er eou; chutem a ulenganged el mei er a rael; ngengedel
olenganged a medalexpr.half-close one's eyes as when ready to doze off.
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> The seduction between them both was mutual.

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