olengeng, v.t.stare at.
olengeng a omes; ngellomel; mesaik a olengeng e diak loruul; ongengii; ongeng.
ongengiiv.pf.3songengii a olengeng; omes er ngii.
ongengv.pf.3p.inan.ongeng a olengeng; kemanget e chelellakl el ues, ongeng a klalo er a stoang, ongengii a rael; ongengel a udoud.
ulengengv.pf.3p.inan.pastulengeng a mla olengeng; kemanget e chelellakl el ues; ongengii a chad; ongeng a klalo er a stoang, ulengengel.
kaiuengengv.recip.stare at each other.
kaiuengeng a didu el olengeng; kasoues, ngellomel, klaiuengeng, ongengii, ongeng, ongengel a mesaik.
mongengv.erg.mongeng a olengeng; omes; meringel mongeng a lmangel er a ulekoad el ngelekel; ongengii.
ongengallv.a.s.is to be stared at.
ulngengv.r.s.stared at.
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> The sheep clucked in disapproval and were starting to get very angry, and they stared at it again.

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