ongit, n.act of asking for something.
ongtiln.poss.3songtil a ongit er ngii, "metara"; olengit.
v.s.always asking for things.
bekongit a smau el di olengit; sekongit, chetil el mo mesaul ng di soal el melai a lousbech, ng di smau el "oume tara"
sekongit a bekongit; soal el olengit; soal el di melai a ngerang; ongtir, ongit. "metara".
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> Like receiving in Airai.
According to this saying, the people of Airai (central Palau) are likely to ask for those things they have in abundance. A wealthy man asking for financial help; a person asking for a cigarette when he has a pack in his pocket.

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