orreched, v.caus.hurry or rush (someone).
orreched a diak lokokil; mereched el merael; diak le meoud; orreched er a dolech, orechedii el mong, orchedel.
orechediiv.pf.3sorechedii a orreched er ngii.
orechedallv.a.s.is to be rushed.
orechedall a orechudel; kirel el mereched, orechedii a mlai, oreched a kles; orechedel.
orechudelv.a.s.is to be rushed; urgent; emergency situation.
orechudel a orechedall.
orrechedv.i. be in a hurry.
orrechedangv.i.inch.orrechedang a mla mo orreched.
orrecherechedv.i.redup.be in a big hurry.
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