orrumk, n.weight on fishnet; anchor.
orrumk a klekedall el oremkii; nguu el mo er eou; orrumk er a uked, orremkel.
orremkeln.poss.3sorremkel a orrumk er ngii.
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orrumk, v.t.weigh down (boat, etc.).
oremkiiv.pf.3soremkii a orrumek er ngii.
orumkv.pf.3p.inan.orumk a orrumk; remuul a ert el mo ruumk; rechad a mla orumk a ert, oremkii, oremkel.
oremkallv.a.s.(boat, etc.) is to be weighed down.
oremkall a kirel el morumek; mo ruumk; oremkii a bilas, orumek a ert er a rechad, oremkel.
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