oruikl, n.basket (typically woven with care).
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> Get a taste of Dachelbai's (food) basket.
i.e. get a taste of hardship or adversity; stop complaining and get an idea of what it's really like to be in an inferior position, etc.; Dachelbai was a young man adopted into the household of his father's brother. In the household was another boy whose mother was the wife of the house. Naturally, the wife favored her real son, while her husband (who tried to remain neutral) rather favored Dachelbai. The wife consistently fed her real son fresh taro while she fed Dachelbai old, moldy food. One day the wife put the food servings at the wrong places and the real son complained loudly about the bad food. Eventually the father realized how badly Dachelbai had been treated and just before his death he called Dachelbai to his bedside and told him where the family money was hidden. The saying may be applied to anyone who complains unnecessarily.
> Looking in the food basket.
At some Palauan feasts food is served in a closed basket or on a large tray covered with a cloth; peeking is not in the best of taste. The idiom, however, is generally applied to a sponger, a person with a reputation for living off of others.
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> These uncooked baskets of taro had to be carried by the young men to the boat at the channel to go on the trip.

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