, v.t.teach (particular subject) to; teach/instruct (person) in; set example for; train (animal).
olsisechakl a olecholt; osisechakl, mengedereder; osisecheklii a ngalek; osisecheklel.
olisechakl a olsisechakl; olecholt; omekrael, mengedereder, osisechakl, osisecheklii a metitur; osisecheklel.
osisechekliiv.pf.3sosisecheklii a olsisechakl er ngii.
osisechaklv.pf.3p.inan.osisechakl a olsisechakl; olecholt, ouskuul, osisecheklel a kldachelbil a chim, osisecheklel.
ulsisechaklv.pf.3p.inan.pastulsisechakl a a meduch; mla mosisechakl; ulekrael, ulsisechakl er a mera el tekoi, ulsisecheklel.
kausisechaklv.recip.teach/set examples for each other.
kausisechakl a didu el olsisechakl; osisecheklii a ngalek, kaiuecholt; ungil el osisechakl, osisecheklel.
mosisechaklv.erg.mosisechakl a mla mukrael; ulsisechakl er a omenged; osisecheklii el meluches, osisecheklel.
osisechekillv.a.s.is to be taught, instructed, trained.
osisechekill a kirel el mosisechakl; osisecheklii, metitur a osischekill, osisechakl el kirel a metitur; osisecheklel.
ulsisechaklv.r.s.taught; instructed; trained.
ulsisechakl a a meduch; mla mosisechakl; ulekrael, ulsisechakl er a mera el tekoi, ulsisecheklel.
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> The old man is teaching the boy how to carve canoes.
> I can teach you.
More Examples:
> A teacher's job is to teach the students.
osisechakl, n.act.teaching; instruction; training; way of teaching; doctrine.
osisechekleln.poss.3sosisecheklel a osisechakl er ngii.
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> Teaching mathematics is very difficult.

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