mengaisisiu, v.t.redup.equal the height of; become as tall as; compare to; pretend as if.
kaisisiuv.recip.redup.the same as each other; equal or identical to each other.
osisiuv.s.redup.osisiu a kaisisiu; osisiu el klalo, osisiu el tekoi a meldung er a O.E.K; dimlak el kakerous el tekoi.
osisiu el taemexpr.(at) the same time.
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> It's just or exactly the same.
> The phone number is just the same (as before).
> He will do the same to everyone else whose land you invade.
More Examples:
> The seduction between them both was mutual.
> Can you repeat what you just said?
> Government has many redudant job titles with likely the same job duties.

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