uetech, n.any object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing.
uetech a klekedall el ometech; uetech el bad, uetech a diak el kirel el mo er a blai, otechel.
otecheln.poss.3sany object to be thrown; missile; act of throwing, ray (of light); act of pounding.
otechel a otoech er ngii, otechii, oltoech.
ereuetechn.two throws.
ereuetech a eru el uetech, ometech el erung.
n.one throw.
teluetech a chimo el uetech; ta el uetech.
otechel a Droteoexpr.Droteo's throws or pitches (of ball).
otechel a miichexpr.pounding of nuts of tropical almond.
See also:
> Droteo's pitches (in baseball) are very easy to hit.
> The sun is just about to set.
> The sun is throwing projectiles.
The sun is a demigod who comes daily from an eastern heaven and follows a winding path leading down to the ocean. During the afternon hours the sun will receive reports from all the other gods concerning the work that they have accomplished during the day. Two of these gods are in charge of the stars and take frequent trips to ROBERT K. MCKNIGHT the moon to investigate their star-charges. (Palauans like to note that they traveled to the moon long ago while we are just preparing to do so.) Toward evening, as the sun approaches the ocean, it first lands on a large orange tree (kerukur) and hurls the fruit into the ocean to frighten away hostile fish, such as sharks. Hence, the orange beams often associated with sunsets. After securing the safety of the ocean, the sun makes its final descent for the day. Thus, evening is the time when the sun throws darts.
More Examples:
> John has a reallly fast pitch.

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