, v.caus.push or wedge oneself in between.
oltitech a melitech, soiseb er a meseked, otitech el osiik er a techall, otitechii a kingall, otitechel.
otitechiiv.pf.3sotitechii a oltitech er ngii.
otitechv.pf.3p.inan.otitech a oltitech; melitech el soiseb er a meseked; otitechii a chad, orribech er a techall; otitechel.
otitechallv.a.s.otitechall a kirel el motitech; otitechii, diak el otitechall a chad er a chetemel.
sekutitech v.s.
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> Sea crabs have pushed out land crabs.
Outsiders have taken over the land or titles of local people. An outsider (e.g., adopted child, friend) has become more important than a blood relative.
More Examples:
> These Bangladesh stores have squeezed out the locals.

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