oltoech, v.caus.pierce or drill through; show (one's face); express (idea, etc.); force (opinion).
oltoech a oltom; otoech a deel er a bitang, oltoech a mederir el omes; tmoech, otechel a mad.
otechiiv.pf.3sotechii a oltoech er ngii; olecholt.
otoechv.pf.3p.inan.otoech a oltoech; rokui el chad a kirir el otoech a uldesuir, otechii, otechel.
motoechv.erg.motoech a ultoech; otechii a medal; otoech a deel er a bitang; otechel.
otechallv.a.s.is to be pierced or drilled through.
otechall a kirel el motoech, otechii a ungil el uldasu, otoech a mederir, otechel.
ultoechv.r.s.pierced or drilled through.
ultoech a mla motoech; mla mo chemolt; tmoech, otechii er a belsibs, ultoech er a bitang; otechel.
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> Don't stick your fork (into it). - i.e. Don't interfere/Keep out of our affairs./Mind your own business!

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