mekngit, v.s.bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh.
mekngit a diak el ungil; omelamech a mekngit e le ngmuchel a secher. on bad terms with each other.
mekikngitv.s.redup.rather bad.
mekikngit a telkib el mekngit; urreor a telkib el telemall; mekikngit a rengul; soal el lmangel
mekngit el karn.illegal drugs.
/mekngte getting bad or worsening.
mekngtei a mocha mekngit; ngalek el melamech a mariuana a mekngtei a klechad er ngii.
oumekngitv.i.oumekngit a kesib a rengul; omid, lmangel, meruul a diak el ungil.
mekikngit a rengulexpr.feel rather sad or sorry about; rather mean or inconsiderate.
mekngit a is bad.
mekngit a medalexpr.have a sad face; look distressed.
mekngit a rengulexpr.feel sorry/sad about; mean; inconsiderate.
mekngit er a rengulexpr.not good for; not all right with.
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> the bad sewer water that came out on Wednesday and Thursday of last week
> This is evil in the Lord's sight, and it will make him angry.
> He is looking his daughter and is very sad.
> Weather is bad.
> Our enemy, our persecutor, is this evil man Haman!
> Bad words are a curse, good words are a blessing.
Words of insult or scolding are destructive (like dynamite), while kind words will make you liked (like a love charm).
More Examples:
> Yes, if the weather gets worse, I'll leave.
> I get sad when I think of my mom and dad that are gone.
> This cold weather is really bad for rheumatoid arthritis.
> It doesn't taste good.
> The weather is bad.

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