mekngit, v.s.bad; evil; sinful; disadvantageous; (words, etc.) harsh.
mekngit a diak el ungil; omelamech a mekngit e le ngmuchel a secher. on bad terms with each other.
mekikngitv.s.redup.rather bad.
mekikngit a telkib el mekngit; urreor a telkib el telemall; mekikngit a rengul; soal el lmangel
mekngit el karn.illegal drugs.
/mekngte getting bad or worsening.
mekngtei a mocha mekngit; ngalek el melamech a mariuana a mekngtei a klechad er ngii.
oumekngitv.i.oumekngit a kesib a rengul; omid, lmangel, meruul a diak el ungil.
mekikngit a rengulexpr.feel rather sad or sorry about; rather mean or inconsiderate.
mekngit a is bad.
mekngit a medalexpr.have a sad face; look distressed.
mekngit a rengulexpr.feel sorry/sad about; mean; inconsiderate.
mekngit er a rengulexpr.not good for; not all right with.
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> You're not clean./You need a shower.
> the bad sewer water that came out on Wednesday and Thursday of last week
> They are really upset.
> Due to the weather conditions and increasing hazardous surf, the National Emergency Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau. Water conditions from outside the reef through all exposures are very rough at this time. Travel between Peleliu and Angaur, Kayangel and Ollei and/or outside the reefs are strictly prohibited. Small craft warning flags have been raised and the republic is requested to observe this warning. NEMO will continue to monitor these marine conditions and advise the public accordingly.
> I feel like throwing up.
> Bad words are a curse, good words are a blessing.
Words of insult or scolding are destructive (like dynamite), while kind words will make you liked (like a love charm).
More Examples:
> Dang, you are so straight up.
> It smells bad.
> My girlfriend likes to diss me in the crowd.
> I get sad when I think of my mom and dad that are gone.
> This cold weather is really bad for rheumatoid arthritis.

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