oungalek, v.t.be the parents of; act like a child.
oungalek a ngar er ngii a ngelekel.
kaungalekv.recip.be related as parent and child.
kaungalek a klaungalek; katekoi a oltobedechur el tekoi; ongalek, beruadel a meruul er a ngellekelel me ng merael a derouakl.
ongalekn.nuclear family.
Te reua techang a ngar er a chelsel a ongalek? A ongalek a ngar er ngii a chedam, chedil me a rengelekir el ulemechell er tir me a cheltekllir me a redellir el ngalek. Tirkaikid a ongalek. A chelsel a ongalek a ngar er ngii a merreder er ngii. Ng chedam me a chedil a merreder er a ongalek.
oungelekangv.i.inch.oungelekang a mla mo oungalek, ngar ngii a ngelekel.
telungalekn.extended family.
telungalek a delengchokl. A chelsel a telungalek a ngar er ngii a chedam, chedil, rengelekir me a rengelekir a rengelekir. A telungalek a ua loldak a eru el ongalek. Aika el ongalek a kakerous. A merreder er a telungalek a chedam me a chedil. Tirke el ngelekir a rengelekir el redil a kuk ngar er ngii a demerir el merreder er tir. Ngika el demerir a di merreder a delengchokl me a chelebechielir me a kerrekerngir el udoud me aike el rokui el dubech el kirel tirka el nglekel. A kmal klou a klisichel er a omerreder a ngike el chedil er se el kot el onglaek.
See also:
> I'm the parent of a boy.
> At any rate, you (two) have a child, so you might as well get married.
> The house was built to help my family.
> Why are you acting like a child?
More Examples:
> My friend and his family are going on a trip.
> She's pregnant but her husband cannot bear children.

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