oureng, v.i.wish/hope for; have hopes about.
oureng a ngar ngii a urrengulel; melebedebek, oureng er a soal, urrenguul.
kaurengv.recip.long for each other.
kaureng a didu el oureng a ungil kirir; kaubeltik el reng; kelatk, ourureng, urrenguul, urrengulel.
kerengv.recip.kereng a kelatk, didu el melatk, oubeltik el reng.
More Examples:
> I miss my brother terribly.
> I'm craving to eat some sweet potato and soup.
> Sometimes, i really miss my father and mother.
> I only wish that we will see each other in the future.
saul, n.tiredness; trouble; thanks; gratitude.
saul a mesaul; mesengird er a urreor; olengoech a bedengel; mesaul a rengul, mesaul a bedengel; mad er a saul; saul a ungil el omeruul; mesaul, mesulang; omereng el saul, sulel.
suleln.poss.3ssulel a saul er ngii; mesulang el kired; sulel a saul er ngii er a urreor.
mesulangexpr.thank you.
mesulang a mereng a saul; ke kmal mesaul, ke mesulang.
omtechel a saulexpr.repay a favor; replace (something borrowed or damaged).
oureng a saulexpr.thank someone for his trouble.
expr.thank you. (more casual than mesulang).
See also: ,
> Thank you very much. (lit., You've gotten very tired [from helping me, etc.]).
> Droteo thanked me for my trouble.
> David convinced his men that they should not attack Saul.
> Many thanks for your trouble.
More Examples:
> No, thank you
> Thanks. Very informal.
> Thanks. Informal.
> No, thank you.
> I will not forget your generousity.

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