, n.noon; this noon/afternoon; noon meal.
sueleb a 12 el klok; a metuda klebesei; sueleb a blengur er a sueleb.
suelebeln.poss.3ssuelebel a sueleb er ngii er a sueleb.
ousuelebv.i.have lunch.
ousueleb a omengur er a sueleb.
a lesuelebexpr.afternoons; in the afternoon.
er a sueleb er a midnight.
ungil el suelebexpr.good noon.
> The clock is striking noon.
More Examples:
> I have to size my false teeth at noon.
> I made udon soup for lunch.
> He was running late this morning and left without his lunch.
> I went to McDonalds to buy my son his lunch.
> Good Afternoon.

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