outekangel, v.t.argue with; argue down; endure or put up with pain; perservere; exert oneself; persist in (undesirable activity); take the trouble to do something; make special effort to do something.
outekangel a olseked er a rengul; outekangel el ourreor e ngar a skuul, telekengelel.
mtekengeliiv.pf.3smtekengelii a outekangel er ngii; mtekengelii a sechelil me le kiei.
mtekangelv.pf.3p.inan.mtekangel a outekangel; smisiich a rengrir; mtekengelii, mtekangel a rengrir e mesuub.
v.recip.redup.argue with each other.
kaititekangel a didu el outekangel; kaiuetobed a uldesuir; kaiuetoech a llemesir; outekangel, telekengelel a uldasu me a llomes.
mutekangelv.erg.mutekangel a telekangel; outekangel, diak le mutekangel a kngtil a ngerel a merreder.
ultekangelv.r.s.argued with.
ultekangel a mla mutekangel, mla mtekengelii a ngelekel el mo er a skuul; ngalek a chetil e ng di ultekangel me ng mlong; ultekenge
outekangel er a rengulexpr.persevere; force (oneself) to do something.
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> Don't give up because things will improve.
Literally, shallow water is approaching.

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