ilumel, n.a.s.drink; beverage.
ilumel a ralm me a mengur me a ngii di le ngera el dolim; melim a kar, ngilmii a mengur.
imeleln.poss.3simelel a ilumel el ngii a ouilumel, imelel el mengur.
ilumel er a drink.
imelem el kohiexpr.your drink or cup of coffee.
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> I'm bringing drinks to the party.
> We have plenty of drinks.
More Examples:
> We use pitchers to put drinks in.
> Can I give you my money for beer when you go to the store?
> John, you've poured my drink so full that I will not be able to drink it all.
> Don't just take a drink from the bottle and pour your drink in a cup.
> My drink needs a little more sugar.

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