er, prep.indicates specific (as opposed to non-specific) object noun phrase in certain constructions [similar to how 'the' is different from 'a']; used to precede the object of locational, directional, source, temporal, and causal phrases.
a a a
> He is the key that opens all the hidden treasures of God's wisdom and knowledge.
> Droteo is cradling the baby.
> Where did Ruth give you the book?
> My mother and I are going to Koror.
> My hand got blistered from cutting grass.
> He's like a good (lit. fast) top that steadies itself soon after touching the ground.
i.e. he understands or learns quickly. In Palau the top is spun in the air and dropped to the ground where it usually wobbles for a spell before it becomes "planted" or stable. The better the top, the less the wobble. A statement that is right to the point, or a decisive and good decision, is like a good top. The idiom may be applied to a person who is quick to get the point or learn a new skill.
> You're like sardines, very many but only enough for one wrapped piece of fish.
Fish are properly wrapped individually in a leaf for cooking, but sardines are so small that a bunch of them may be wrapped together to make up only one small bundle. The idiom may be applied to a numerous but weak enemy or to a clan that is large but ineffective as in raising money for its members, or for a large group of workers who do not accomplish very much.
> Like kaldos, putting medicine on a well place, rather than the injury.
Kaldos is a medical treatment, said by some to have been learned from the Germans, in which medicine is applied to a parallel member of an injured part in a way that is supposed to transfer pain to an uninjured place. The idiom is applied to a decision or action that completely misses the point or problem.
> Like the green tree snake with a forked tongue (or simply, "Forked").
One who reverses himself, has two tongues, or whose tongue is forked like a snake.
> Like the core of the mangrove log.
The core of the mangrove tree (keburs) has the interesting quality of being quite soft and workable when green, but very hard and durable when dried. Hence, a person of old age, especially a high-titled elder; one who has reached great age. Wider applications include a long-standing tradition; a long-term employee.
More Examples:
> Father/mother, I need money to go to college/university.
> Hello, can I speak to the woman of the house? (when making a phone call)
> Palauans have curly hair.
> Do tell, what happened last night?
> This guy is having an affair with another woman.

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