beches,; clean.
beches a kmal ungil, klikiid; bleches, beches el uldasu, beches el blai. bechesul
ngerd, n.rope for hoisting sail of canoe or flag.
ngerd a mererd; ngerdel a bangderang; ngordii el mmo er a bab, ngerdel.
rael, n.road; path; way; canal; means; solution; way out (of); way to someone's heart; connection (between families, etc.).
rael a ulekrael el usbechall er a omerael; ledes a rael el mo er a blai; rolel a mlai; ngar ngii a ungil rolel a omengedecheduch, rolel a tekoi.
, n.fresh water; level (carpenter's tool); easy or simple matter.
ralm a ilumel; ralmchull, ralm er a omoachel; lmel a ngeliokl.
ralm, n.type of tree.
ralm a ta er a bedengel a kerrekar.

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