rebai, n.backyard; area or space in back (of a building).
rebai a diak le medal; diak le ngelong er a blai; rebai er a blai.
rebiln.poss.3srebil a rebai er ngii el blai.
rebiln.poss.3s.rebil a dechil; smecher a ourebai er a blai.
ourebaiv.i.walk by the rear of house; defecate (in bushes, etc., in back of house).
ourebai a chemei e mengemochem, smecher a di ourebai er a blai.
rebai er a back of my house.
> Backyard taro stuff.
Bisch (Alocasia macrorhiza), a taro, can often be found growing near the garbage heap behind the traditional Palauan house. Because of this contamination, taro growing in this location was not eaten, nor were the leaves used as food wrappers. Hence, any valueless decision, action or object; a useless idea.
> Without looking afield, it was cut down behind the house.
From the folk tale concerning Mesubed Dingal, the inventor of the Palauan kite (see also No. 73). After his wife had been kidnapped, he constructed a kite using feathers from all the birds of Palau and he needed also wood from an Edebsungel tree to fashion the body of the bird-kite. After looking all over Palau and being on the point of giving up, he found the tree he needed behind his own house. The saying may be applied to anyone who does things the hard way, or who goes far afield to find something which is close at hand.
> You're like the bisech plant in the backyard which has no purpose.
A person who isn't trusted so he/she is not needed.
tuobed, v.i.come/go out of; emerge; go out fishing.
tuobed a mo er a ikrel; merael el mo cheroid; tebedel.
kaitebetobedv.recip.redup.come or go out together.
kaitebetobed a didu el tuobed el rokui; kaitebetobed el mo ourreor, tuobd er a a mlai el rokui; tebedel.
v.i.redup.come or go out continually.
metebetobed a blechoel e mekudem el tuobed; metebetobed er a taem er a urreor.
tobedv.i.hypothetical starting to emerge.
tobedang a mla tuobed; merolang; mlai a tobedang; tebedel.
tobedungv.pred.tobedung a kmeed el tuobed, merolung, mlai a tobedung; tebedel.
tuobed a's real feelings come out.
tuobed er a rebaiexpr.Redil el bechiil a motitech er a ta er a redil el me bechiil.
tuobed er skuulexpr.leave or get out of school (e.g., after completing one's education).
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> A search is begun (for him).
> He's drooling.
> I have to cough
> His nose is running.
> My eyes are tearing./I want to cry.
> My spirit took leave.
Similar to "Frightened out of my wits."
More Examples:
> This property went to Ngerkumer's kids through verbal agreement.
> I'm smirking at the people working for the government, do they think they own these government vehicles when they're behind the wheels.
> I'm going to my kid's graduation from elementary school.
> He was in a hurry so he just yanked it and ran out.
> My younger sister graduated from college.

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