merech, v.t.move (oneself) (to get comfortable; etc.); ready (oneself) to go; set (things) in order.
merech a osiik a rolel el mo ungil; meruul besul; rochur a delengcheklel; remech a udoud; rechul a delengchokl. a merech er ngii; osiik a rolel; mo blil a smecher. a merech; sumechokl; smiik a rolel el mo ungil; mdasu, remech a blil a klalo; rochur a oba smecher; rechul. to be moved, readied or set in order.
rechuul a kirel el merech; udesuall, siokel a rolel, rochur a blil a melekdik a delengchokl; rechuul a delengcheklel.
rrechv.r.s.moved; readied; set in order.
rrech a kldmokl; mla mudasu; mla merech a rolel a blengur; mlil a omerael a rrech; rechul.
diak lemerechexpr.complicated; immovable.
merech besulexpr.get ready or set (to do something).
merech er a omeraelexpr.prepare to leave.
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