merad, v.t.pick (flowers, medicinal plants, young leaves at tip of vine); pick or gather sticks, vines, etc. (for fishtrap); pick small taro leaves for demok.
merad a melai; mengais; rodir a kebui, remad a bung, merad a kar; rdil a kar. a merad er ngii; rodir; mengais, remad a kar. a merad; melai a bung, remad a kar; rodir a kebui, rdil.
keradv.recip.kerad a di du el merad; melai, rodir a bung, remad a kar, rdil a bung.
v.a.s.(flowers, etc.) are to be picked.
rdiil a kirel el merad; ngiuul; bung a rdiil, rodir a kebui, remad a kar; rdil a bung.
rradv.r.s.(flowers; etc.) picked.
rrad a mla merad; nglai a kebui a remad, redil a kebui.
rredallv.r.s.(flowers; etc.) picked.
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> We asked and got okayed to pick some plumeria flowers.

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