chebuul, v.s.poor; pitiful; miserable; of low family; unfortunate; pitiable.
chebuul a olengesonges a lousbech; kesai a kelel me a ududel, diak a ngera er ngii; chelebulel, diak a mekerreuir.
ousesechebuulv.i.pretend to be in poverty or misery.
ousesechebuul a ouchechebuul er ngii, leko ng chebuul. of low family; the poor.
remechebuul a betok el chad el chebuul; ngar er eou el chad el mengebuul, chelebuul.
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> And there was a poor man who lived in that village whose heart was so light that it was his ability to make the town survive, but there wasn't anyone who thought about him.
> You, children, are to be pitied because your father has died.
> In earlier times the rich paid the fines of the poor.
> This baby bird is so pitiful that I'm tying its foot to the top of the starfruit tree.
> Having you as my relatives will reduce me to poverty.
> Commoners are the tools of the village.
This idiom, resembling the organic analogy of society with the common people becoming the "hands" of the state, may be used to "put the commoner in his place," or to suggest that a member of the ruling elite be more considerate of the commoner residents.
More Examples:
> Belau is divided into two; the rich and wealthy and the poor, theres no caring amongst the people.
> Wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer.

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