meringet, v.t.chew (food); crush (rock, sugar cane, etc.).
meringet a klekedall el meringet; ringetii; reminget a kall; uingel a meringet; chesubech a diak loringet. a meringet er ngii. a meringet; reminget a kall, ringetii a chemelel.
/ringetall to be chewed or crushed.
rengetall a kirel el meringet; ringetii a kall, rengotel, reminget; rengetel.
rengotel a rengetall; ringetall.
ringetall a kirel el meringet; ringetii a chemelel; reminget a kelel.
rringetv.r.s.chewed; crushed.
rringet a mla meringet; kelel a rringet, ringetii, reminget.
meringet a bad el mesilexpr.rock-crushing machine.
meringet a deb el mesilexpr.sugarcane-crushing machine.
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