/beltik el reng
,; affection.
beltikerreng a betik a rengul; beltkil a rengul er a bechil, ultoir
chad,; person; human being; living being; someone; somebody; anyone; anybody.
chad a rokui el diak lulekoad el klaol; chad el dait; chad el babii; chad el ngikel; chad el lius. chad a sechal, dil, redil, ngalek, chad er a Belau, chad er a Merikel.
, n.thirst.
chedelreng a ousbech a ilumel, meched a rengul, aki medei er a chedelreng e le ng diak a ralm.
chedil a rengexpr.thirst.
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merruud, v.t.break, tear or smash down; take apart; break (relationship between people).
merruud a melemall; torudii a blai; toruud a mlai, terudel.
omelatk, n.act.action of remembering.
omelatk a melatk, beltikerreng, lotkii a delal, demal, lmatk a ungil el deleongel, ltkel.
reng, n.heart; spirit; feeling; soul; seat of emotions; will; desire; decision.
reng a tebechelel a chad; reng a omesiur er a chad; rengul, rengelngalek.
reng, n.turmeric (grated and boiled with oil and used as women's skin treatment).
reng a rengul a kesol el mo chilt; rengul a diokang el kall, rengul a ngais.
saik, n.laziness.
saik a mesaik; chetil a urreor, saik el reng, saik a uchul a chelebuul; sikel.

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