mengard, v.t.nibble; munch; bite.
mengard a mengiok; beab a mla kordii a lius; kmard a diokang, chemutii; klard, kerdel. a mengard er ngii; mengiok, kerdel. a mengard er ngii; mengiok, kerdel. a mengard; mengiok, klechosech, mla kmard a kall; beab a mla kmard a kall; kordii, kerdel a bobai.
/kerdall to be nibbled, munched or bitten.
keradel a kirel el mekard; mekiok, mengiok, kordii, bobai a keradel er a beab me a kiuid, kmard, kerdel a bobai.
klardv.r.s.nibbled; munched; bitten.
klard a klechosech; mla mekard; kliok, kiikii, selechosech; suchesechii, iedel a klard, kerdel a iedel.
mekerekardv.erg.redup.mekerekard a betok el klard; betok el kliok; mla mekerekard a bobai er a beab.
/mekerekard afflicted by sharp intermittent pain.
mekerkard a kmal meringel, meringel el mekerekard a uluk.
mengard er a chullexpr.get pelted with heavy rain.
mengard er a kelekolt expr.get overexposed to cold; suffer from cold.
mengard er a kerrasem expr.get overexposed to cold; suffer from cold.
mengard er a kleald expr.get overexposed to heat; suffer from heat.
mengard er a klengiterreng expr.suffer from sadness.
mengard er a ringel expr.suffer.
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ringel, n.pain; suffering; high cost; spiciness; strength (of wind); turbulence or roughness (of ocean).
ringel a meringel; oberaod el tekoi; ringel er a urreor; ringelel a uldasu.
n.poss.3sringelel a ringel er ngii; meringel.
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> They're Koreans (who eat peppery food).
> Then a famine struck all Egypt and Canaan, bringing great suffering.
> I'm faced with difficulties.
> I'm getting a headache.
> I feel bad about the (wasted) food.
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> The value of such stone money is not only the sheer size of the discs, but the physical and treacherous labor of carving them, and then transporting them back to Yap via outrigger canoe.

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