merdekekl, v.t.jump (particular distance) [for a useful purpose such as crossing a stream].
merdekekl a melechesokl; ridekekl, ridekeklii a cheroid; ridekeklel. a merdekekl er ngii. a merdekekl; suchesokl; melechesokl, ridekeklii a cheroid, ridekekl er a cheldukl.
bekerdekeklv.s.good at jumping.
v.recip.jump together.
kardekekl a didu el merdekekl; kaisechesokl, ridekeklii a cheroid, ridekekl, rebuik a kardekekl, ridekeklel.
merdekeklv.i.jump; leap.
v.a.s.(distance) is to be jumped.
rdekekill a sebechel el merdekekl; ridekeklii; suchesokl er ngii.
ridekekill a diak le cheroid; sebechel el merdekekl.
rredekeklv.r.s.(distance) jumped.
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> The cat has gone out to mate (lit. The cat jumped over the pandanus tree).

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