merodech, v.t.try to aim at blindly; trick (person) in order to get information.
merodech a ngii di lomurech, ngii di lolekoi; remodech a ngikel; rodechii a merechorech me ng kongei. a merodech er ngii el temekai. a merodech, mla remodech a merangd el osiik a ngikel.
/oredechel er a merangd
n.poss.3sspear to be thrown blindly at coral in hope of catching fish; person who is to be used for information.
rdechallv.a.s.blosech a omerolel a rdechall; rodechii a ilengelakl el kmo, ak milsekau el tiluu er a blik me ke rirechorech a ududek; merodech er ngii.
/rdechall to be tried or aimed at blindly.
rdechall a kirel merodech; rodechii a diak lesang e omurech, rdechel a ngikel.
rrodechv.r.s.tried or aimed at blindly; tricked into giving information.
rrodech a mla merodech; rodechii mla medangch.
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