merderd, v.t.step on; peddle (bicycle); step on gas peddle of (car).
merderd a mesarech; roderdii; roderd a bad; merderd er a osebokel; rderdel. a merderd er ngii; mesarech. a mesarech; merderd, mla roderd a dellomel; rderdel.
kerderdv.recip.step on each other.
kerderd a didu el merderd; roderdii, roderd, smarech, kesarech, sorechii, rderdel a ngduul.
/rderdall to be stepped on; (bicycle) is to be peddled.
rederdall a kirel el merderd; osebokel er a rrat a rderdall.
rrederdv.r.s.stepped on; (bicycle) peddled.
rrederd a mla merderd; selarech, dellomel a rrederd er a mlai; roderd, rderdel a dellomel.
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