meredem, v.t.put handle on (knife; spear; etc.); install; attach.
meredem a melecha er a ordemelel; rodemii a ebakl; ruedem a oles; rdemel a kamang. a meredem er ngii el biskang. a meredem; mla ruedem a madeldirek er ngii; rdemel.
/redomel to have handle put on; is to be installed or attached.
v.r.s.has had handle put on; installed; attached.
rredem a ngar ngii a ordemelel; mla meredem; rredomel; osib a rredem.
rredomel a rredem.
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> Attaching the drain spout to oneself.
Pertains to favoritism, the adjustment of the flow of favors from the leader to one-self. It is considered unsporting and in poor taste to seek favoritism through undue support of a leader in direct anticipation of favors.
More Examples:
> I need to put together at least two more spears.
rredomel, n.r.s.someone's work in putting handle on knife, spear, etc.
rredemeleln.poss.3srredemelel a ngii a rirdemii; rredemelel el oles.
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