merenged, v.t.tie or bind (long objects) together; join; make (relationship) closer.
merenged a oldak e melechet; mesaur, rongedii a chebechiil; remenged a biskang; renged a klausechelei. a merenged, melechet. a merenged; melechet, melemosem, remenged a chebechiil; rongedii, rengedel.
rengodelv.a.s.(long objects) are to be tied together.
rengodel a kirel el merenged; rongedii a chebechiil, ungil el deleongel er a Merikel me a Belau a rengodel; rengedel.
v.r.s.(long object) tied together; joined.
rrenged a rrengodel; llechet, mla merenged; ebakl a rrenged.
rrengodel a rrenged.
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> I'm tying my spear (i.e. tying the metal point to the bamboo pole).
> You are still lost in your sins.
rrengodel, n.r.s.rrengodel a blai; ngar er ngii a blil; kiei er a rrengodel.
> You are still lost in your sins.

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