meruu, v.t.collect; gather.
meruu a mo ngmai a rirebet; remuu a lius; rouar a iedel, rual a lius a meruu er ngii; rouar a lius. a melai a rirebet; mla remuu a lius; rouar a iedel; rual.
rruuv.r.s.collected; gathered.
rruu a mla remuu; miich a rruu; nglai el rokui; rouar, remuu, rual. to be collected or gathered
ruaol a kirel el meruu; lius a ruaol, rouar, remuu.
meruu a titimelexpr.perform poorly.
rruu el klaloexpr.something found and kept.
Synonyms: ,
> You pluck the fruit and pick it up; what of us?
Why don't you share or let us participate in your activity?/Why are you the only one to laugh at your joke? Usually one person climbs the tree or uses a long stick to knock down the fruit while an assistant shares the task and rewards by catching the falling fruit or picking it up. The saying may be applied to a person who prepares something to eat by himself, then eats it without sharing. It can apply also to a person who laughs at his own joke, leaving his audience unmoved.
> You grab and then you pick it up.
Like telling a joke, you're still telling it yet you laugh like you just heard it.
More Examples:
> I'm going crab hunting
> The kids from school are so well behaved, they are picking up the trash on the sides of the road.

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