ruebet, v.i.fall (from).
ruebet a ngar er a bab e mei metilech er a eou; ruebet er a kerrekar.
n.poss.3sorganization or arrangement of things; the way things are put together; the place where something is supposed to fall.
urrebetellel a kirel el mo er ngii; meduch er a urreor a ngar a urrebetellel; tengeng a mengkekereaule ng diak mo urrebetellel.
v.redup.fall one by one.
mereberebet a mekudem el ruebet iedel a mereberebet; rebetel. starting to fall.
robetang a mla ruebet; rebetel. about to fall.
robetung kmeed el ruebet; robetung er a skoki.
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> He fell out of the tree and broke his leg.
> How did the boy fall?
> Who is wise enough to count the clouds and tilt them over to pour out the rain?
> He was climbing on the ladder when his foot slipped and he fell.
> He's like a good (lit. fast) top that steadies itself soon after touching the ground.
i.e. he understands or learns quickly. In Palau the top is spun in the air and dropped to the ground where it usually wobbles for a spell before it becomes "planted" or stable. The better the top, the less the wobble. A statement that is right to the point, or a decisive and good decision, is like a good top. The idiom may be applied to a person who is quick to get the point or learn a new skill.
> Those of high family are like the seed pod of the bngaol tree, which falls with its leafy cap upright.
The bngaol, a mangrove tree, bears a long pod which is sharply pointed on one end and has a leafy "cap" on the other. When it falls from the tree it generally lands standing in the mud with "cap" end up. Hence, the quality of being socially elite (meteet) is gained naturally at birth. One is born in good standing with a cap or insignia of high rank. It follows, then, that the elite need not display their high standing, everyone knows they are elite when they are born (and there is no other way to become elite). Going a step further, the elite may display proper humility and refer to a group including themselves as kid a remechebuul (we commoners).
More Examples:
> The bench is wobbly so we might fall.

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