remurt,; (fish) move/swim.
remurt a kolekel; kaikerurt; rengalek a remurt er a rael; kaiderurt; rurt. a remurt er ngii; mla rurtii a cheroid.
/kaikerurt together.
kaididerurt a kaikerurt.
kaiderurt a kaikerurt; betok el remurt; rengalek a kaiderurt er a mekesokes.
mediderurtv.redup.constantly running from one place to another.
mrurtv.imp.(You) run!.
rrurtv.r.s.rrurt a mla merurt; mla rurtii a beluu, kurangd a rrurt er a rengeasek. starting to run.
rurtang a mocha remurt; kolekelang. about to run.
rurtung a mochu remurt; kolekelung.
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> I'm running to the door.
> Toki ran in the direction of the school.
More Examples:
> I'm running to the door.
> He was in a hurry so he just yanked it and ran out.
> As the election nears, they'll be singing coated lies for the people to digest.

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