merus, v.t.pierce; stab; inject; inoculate.
merus a remus el oba kedorm; remus a ngikel el oba biskang, oba orus er a mud el merus; remus a mud; rsul a ngikel. a merus er ngii. a merus el oba orus; remus a betok el ngikel, rusur, rsul.
rsuln.poss.3sthe action of piercing, stabbing, injecting, or inoculating.
kerusv.recip.stab each other.
kerus a didu el merus; rusur er a oles; nurs a kerus er a resmecher er a orus; rsul.
merusv.i. fish underwater with one-pronged spear.
rrusv.r.s.pierced; stabbed; injected; inoculated.
rrus a mla merus; rrus a ulkel er a oles; rusur, remus, rsul a ulk.
/rsuul to be pierced, stabbed, injected or inoculated.
rsaol a kirel merus; smecher a rsaol; rsul a smecher.
rsuul a kirel el merus; ngikel a rsuul, rusur, remus; rsaol.
See also:
> They gave him an injection to put him to sleep./They anaesthetized him.
More Examples:
> The stabbing of the pig should only take once.

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