remiid, v.i.get lost; wander off; leave; go astray.
remiid a mla mo dibus; riiedang, merael mo cheroid, mla remiid a udoud, oridii, oriid, rureulngau.
kaiririidv.recip.redup. just leaving.
riedang a mla remiid; dibus. just about to leave.
riedung a merolung; kmeed el remiid.
remiid a bdelulexpr.lose one's mind.
se el ririid el sandeiexpr.the week before last.
tia el ririid el sandeiexpr.last week.
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More Examples:
> My knives have gone missing.
> The people who came to the feast are now all gone.
, n., [From English] week; Sunday.
Sangdei a ongeuid el sils er a ta el sangdei; ulengull el sils.
er se el me el sandeiexpr.the week after next.
er se el mlo merek el sandeiexpr.the week before last.
er tia el me el week.
er tia el mlo merek el sandeiexpr.last week.
> It's been almost a week since he's been staying here.
> The river was shallow in a few weeks.
> The river became shallow in a few weeks.
> the bad sewer water that came out on Wednesday and Thursday of last week
More Examples:
> Our friend is leaving to Russia next week.
> Can you go to Church with us on Sunday?
> How long will you be in Palau?
> We went to the rock islands last week.
> People from Emmaus attend church on Sunday.

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