sebechel, n.poss.3shis/her/its ability; capability; fitness; permission; he/she/it can/is able/may.
See also:
> I can only talk (with you) a little.
> No one can explain by himself or herself a prophecy in the Scriptures.
> This clothes fit Toki well.
> Can you help God stretch out the sky and make it as hard as polished metal?
> Rats can get to Kayangel by hiding in construction materials.
More Examples:
> About dolphins, we know that they can help humans when humans get into trouble.
> The sum of all the money that was collected, I was able to buy my house.
> We can say they're like sardines without heads in a can.
> Honey, cant you pound some taro so we could eat?
> Hello, can I speak to the woman of the house? (when making a phone call)

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