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sechal,; male; jack (in cards).
sechal a chad me a charem; buik a sechal, chedam a sechal, rubak a sechal, sechelengel.
sechelengeln.poss.3ssechelengel a sechal er ngii.
tekoi el's work/affairs.
tekoi er a sechalexpr.male behavior/characteristics.
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> A woman supports a man./A woman is a man's mainstay.
> all the males in his household
> I'm the parent of a boy.
> A woman supports a man./A woman is a man's mainstay.
> A male child, though small, is yet like a small barracuda that braces against the flowing stream.
The small barracuda (mersaod, a small ai) can be seen bracing, without apparent motion, against the stream, usually where fresh water flows into the lagoon, or where tide water runs off the reef, until suddenly it dashes into the stream to grab a small fish. Then it retreats once more to its place of watchfulness. This watchful, quiet, reserved, almost crafty approach to life is much admired, and parents will encourage their male children with this saying.
> The woman is the outrigger for the male.
An unmarried man has no outrigger; taking a wife is a stabilizing process for a man in the sense that the outrigger stabilizes the canoe. One source, a Palauan woman, has suggested the meaning that a man is as capable as the woman who backs him up.
> The male heart is like stone.
The true man or leader has a strong, unwavering character. His decisions are firm and unchanging.
> Small, but a man
One physically small, or a child, who does the work of a strong man.
More Examples:
> You have a boy or a girl.
> These uncooked baskets of taro had to be carried by the young men to the boat at the channel to go on the trip.
> Consensual intercourse between a man and a woman to proclaim their affection for each other.
> The boys were spoiled.
> My boyfriend lives in Koror.

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