, v.caus.make a bridge over (river, channel in mangrove swamp, etc.); remember the past (make a connection between something happening now and something that happened before).
omdid a meruul a did; melecha did er a omoachel, mdidar, udidal. a omdid; locha did; mdidar a dimlak a did er ngii, udidall.
mudidv.erg.mudid a uldid; omdid er ngii; mdidar, mdid, mla melecha a did; udidal.
sekebdebidv.s.redup.(person) always dwelling on the past to the point of obstinancy.
sekebidv.s.(person) remembering the past. to be bridged.
udidall a kirel el mudid; loia did er ngii; omdid er a toachelmid; mdidar, omoachel a udidal a delebechel er a didall.
uldid a mla mudid; ngar er ngii a did er ngii el omoachel; didil.
ulekdid a uldid; rruul a rolel; ngar ngii a did er ngii.
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> Droteo is following in his fathers footsteps (i.e., following his father's way of life).
More Examples:
> Ulang keeps dwelling and fermenting in the past and gets all worked up and shut down.

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