mesakt, v.t.make (raft); tie side by side; crowd out (as in weeds crowding out other plants); change (subject of conversation).
/sokdii a mesakd er ngii el brer.
/smakd a mesakd; smakd a bambuu el brer; oldak el oba sakd el cheleatel.
v.erg.mesakd a odak a betok e lmechet; smakd a brer; sokdii a olechutel, sekdel.
v.a.s.(raft) is to be made; (logs, etc.) are to be tied side by side.
sekdall a kirel el mesakd; brer a sekdall; sokdii, smakd, sekdel.
sekidel a kirel el mesakd; brer a sekidel; sokdii, smakd a brer; odak a bambuu e smakd; sekdel.
v.r.s.(raft) made; (logs, etc.) tied side by side.
klekidel a selakd; mla mesakd a bambuu klekidel, sokdii, smakd a brrer, sekdel.
selakd a mla mesakd; brer a selakd sokdii; smakd.
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> The tree is covered over with vines.
> This matter is very complicated.

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