sers,; farm; fence.
sers a ngeaol; blil a dellomel; sers er a diokang; sersel.
chad er a sersexpr.farmer.
sers mekemadexpr.weed used as Modekngei amulet for protection from war danger; gray nickers.
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> The sun is shining so hard and she's at the farm with nothing on her head.
> Remeliik began nailing up Sulial's broken pigpen.
> After Toki worked in the garden, she washed her hands.
> Get yourself up and over to the garden.
> My mother was growing flowers in her garden.
More Examples:
> My mom wants me to help her weed her garden/farm.
> Our neighbor and my mom went to the farm, they will be making grated cassava.
> My garden has been neglected and has become badly overgrown. It needs to be cleared.
> I set the farm on fire this morning.
> I'm going to the garden or farm.

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