mesebech, v.t.try on (clothes); adjust/equalize (amount); check whether food is properly cooked.
mesebech a melasem el meluk a kllou; mo selebech el ungil el ildois; mo diak el medeel; mesebech a kall el mo diak a delikiik. a mesebech er a bilel; mesa el kmo ng ungil? sobechii a mesebech er ngii; diak el uldirekorek; sobechii a kelel a ngalek. a mesebech; diak luldirekorek; oterkokl a ildisel; mo kesai; suebech a omelekoi e ng seselk a renguk, sobechii; sebechel a bleketekoi.
kesebechv.recip.try on (clothes) together; (each person) get right amount of food.
kesebech a di du el mesebech; mengesai, sobechii el ngar a ungil el telkael, suebech a mo betok el telekuau el kall.
mesebesebechv.t.redup.keep trying on clothes; always take just the right amount.
mesebesebech a smau el blechoel el mengesai; chetil a uldirekorek; sobechii a blengur, suebech a kall.
/sebechall to be tried on, adjusted or equalized.
sebechall a kirel el mesebech; melasem sobechii a bilel; suebech a sebechel a oecherel; ngar a ungil telkael; sobechii, suebech a kall.
v.r.s.tried on; adjusted; equalized.
selebech a delebedabel; ungil a ildois, sobechii, suebech a omelekoi, selebech el kall a ungil el diak a delikiik.
klebechel a selebech, ungil el ildois; klebechel el kall er a mechesang a ungil el diak a mo cheitel er ngii. Selebech.
> The car hit the telephone pole.
> I ran over the child.
> The boat hit against the dock.
mesibech, v.t.break off (branches, leaves, plants, etc.).
mesibech a chuam a rachel el otengel; sibechii a iedel; mesibech a ramek, sbechel a rachel. a mesibech er ngii; mengam er ngii; mla suibech a rachel. a melai a rachel; mesibech suibech a rechelel a iedel; sbechel.
klbochelv.r.s.(branches; etc.) broken off.
klbochel a selibech el rechelel a kerrekar, e ouecharo el olab a klbochel
mesbesibechv.s.redup.(branch, etc.) brittle or easily broken off.
mesbesibech a beot el mesibech; sibechii a titimel, titimel a mesbesibech el kerrekar.
sbochelv.a.s.(branches, etc.) are to be broken off.
sbochel a kirel el mesibech; mengai el mei er eou; rechelel a iedel a sbochel, sibechii, suibech a rachel, sbechel
selibechv.r.s.(branches, etc.) broken off.
selibech a mla mesibech; iedel a selibech a rechelel, sibechii, suibech el mei er eou; sbechel
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> The car hit the telephone pole.
> I ran over the child.
> The boat hit against the dock.

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