mesiou, v.t.serve (person); dress (oneself) up.
mesiou a ourreor el kirel; mesiungel a buai, mesiou a meses el ourreor; mesiou a mengedmokl. a mesiou er ngii.
kesiouv.recip.serve each other; dress each other up.
kesiou a kakedmokl; didu el mesiou; mengedmokl, robekel a kesiou, siungii, siungel.
mesisiouv.t.redup.dress (oneself) continually.
mesisiou a meses e smau el mesiou; siungii a buai; mesisiou a kelel a merreder, siungel.
seliou a kliou; ungil kldmokl; mechitechut a ungil el seliou; siungii; mesiou er ngii, siungel.
sisiouv.s.redup.always wanting to dress up; compulsively neat; fastidious.
sisiou a meses el mesiou; kerekikl el mengedmokl; soal a ungil; siungii a blai, siou a bedengel, siungel.
/siungel to be served; is to be dressed up.
siungall a siungel; kirel mesiou; chuodel a siungall; siungii.
siungel a siungall.
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> They left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants and followed Jesus.
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> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.
> Our president is focused on conserving and protecting the sea life.

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