cheluch, n.coconut oil; fuel (e.g. gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.); grease (from meat being cooked).
cheluch a laok, cheluchul a lius, kerisil, mangtekang er a babii.
cheluchuln.poss.3scheluchul a cheluch er ngii.
bekecheluchv.s.smell of coconut oil.
bekecheluch a bul a cheluch.
cheluchul a skoki expr.castor bean.
rengul a cheluch expr.dregs of coconut oil.
> The fuel for the lantern has gotten depleted.
More Examples:
> I think we should make coconut oil.
> There might be a few drops of oil in the bottle.
skoki, n., [From Japanese] airplane.
skoki a suebek el diall.
> I nearly got left behind by the plane.
More Examples:
> I think there should be a curfew on land and have flights only come in during the day like before.
> What time is the airplane coming on Friday?
> How many hours on the plane to go to Palau?

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